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So, for those that don't know, I've joined a multimedia studies program at the local comm coll, and once I get my associate's, I'll transfer to get my bachelor's. This is mostly a sketch dump for anyone interested in seeing what I've been working on. I'm taking Drawing I, Design I, Intro to Multimedia and History of Film and Animation. I'm working on a flash cartoon atm, so when that's done I'll upload it here. The stuff I uploaded tonight I was mostly working on organizing into electronic files, but there's a lot of stuff in my sketchbook if you care to check it out. We started drawing nude models this week which is why the mature content filter's on some of that stuff (I've never had to use that before, NIFTY), so please let me knoww what you think.
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Procrastinating again. Because I'm a horrible, horrible student.

I'm planning on going to AUSA in October, don't really have any other con plans for this year...I miiiiight stop by Nekocon for the Sunday to pick up any stray deals in the dealers room, but I'm uncertain.

My roommate and I (I live in an apartment now, woot!) are trying to get the con to give us panelist badges (yes, we're running a panel), because if nothing else, we shouldn't be confused with some random bums who walk into the room. Hell, I wouldn't mind paying for it, as long as it said "panelist".

Doing a lot of fan art and anime drawing. I also need to update my avatar both for here and, so new versions of "comic Red" will probably be seen soon.

Oh, and I finally changed my webcam picture after two years. But it's still super nerdy.

All I have to say is I LOVE taking screencaps in World of Warcraft.
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So I was going through my gallery, and I organized it by popularity. Ever do that? Stop lying, you TOTALLY do. Isn't weird what people like? Shit that I now hate, and really have no business being on this site anymore, are popular. Makes me wonder. One thing that was really pleasing to me is things that I've don in the last two months have skipped along to the second (or even the first, hehe!) page on the popularity contest.

I guess I just wanted to say I'm pleased, and flattered, and thankful to people for continuing to look at my stuff and comment on it, because it only helps me grow as an artist. So, thanks everyone.

As for things I'm working on, photography is on hiatus for the time being. Maybe once winter rolls around I'll start snapping again. For the moment, I have several fanarts in the works (at least one for my good friend Lady of the Whip, found here :iconlady-of-the-whip: ). Also, been on a HUGE Bleach kick, as I got Bleach:Shattered Blade, spent 4 solid days unlocking EVERYTHING (my review's on and today the latest episode was released, along with a brand new opening featuring only baddies and Ichigo, Chad, Ishida, Rukia, and RENJI, which makes my heart melt. Ugh, SO excited! It's hard to really put in words.

Actually, starting Oct. 28th (or 29th) I probably wont be seen much of anywhere, as that's when Guitar Hero 3 comes out. And if I spent 4 solid days invested in a mediocre arcade game, imagine me with rock, my favorite Pearl Jam song OF ALL TIME (Even Flow, LOVE IT), and a plastic guitar, I'll be busy. So yeah.

Atlantis is the other thing that's flowin, so I might try some more Ronon fanart, we'll see.

That's it from The Den. Take care everyone!

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Here's an idea for all you fanfic writers out there. If there's only two people reviewing your 10 chapter story, one of whom is co-writing a sequel with you, the other of whom says "Brilliant, can't wait for more." for EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER (no exaggeration), maybe you ought to think about killing the MarySue or putting it on your own personal site instead of clogging up the arteries with it!

Sorry, I was just bored because I'm on the phone waiting for the anti-virus software support that I DL'd yesterday. I caught a virus on friday that keeps opening up Explorer and trying to DL unwanted shit. So naturally, I needed an upgrade (I got this software in 2005, but you're supposed to update every year.) Anyways, after paying a hefty price, 70 buckaroos, it wont install itself because I have an older version. I need an uninstall password for the older version, which I do not have because I didn't buy the computer or install things on it in 2005, my dad did that. And of course he doesn't have any of this information anymore. So basically, I'm in a pretty shitty situation. I also have to leave for camp on thursday so I don't have alot of time to solve this problem.

At least I got caught up with Bleach, though. Still working on naruto Shippuden. Bleach is great, but instead of training Chad, Renji should be training himself to get stronger! I hate to say it, but even though he has bankai, he's not that good, either. Not that I don't like Chad, but...maybe someone else should train him. Whatevs.

In art news, I got back from Costa Rica, obviously, as you can see from my gallery. Also, since I go to camp soon, don't expect any updates from me, other than journals or sommat. I'm trying to do some kind of African centaur before I go (I found these cool ones of a giraffe guy and a zebra girl, not by the same person) and I was trying to design an antelope girl and a rhino guy that would probably look alot like Panthro from the Thundercats, lol.

Anyways, I miss all my friends, and hope you have a great summer full of Harry Potter-ness or whatever else you like.

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But I have to finish this draft of my anime vampire paper! don't get me wrong, it's really fun to work on, but I just wanna draw! I want to try more drawings in the style I did my Ronon Dex deviation, meaning I sketch it comic book style, scan in the pencil drawings rather than going over it in finepoint marker and erasing all the lines. I always thought my stuff looked better with the pencil shading anyways. And then I go into PS to color it without erasing lines from the original. I think that worked well for me, so I'm eager to try it again.

But first thing's first, gots to finish my anime vampires.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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I hate housing at my school. Here's why:

My roomate signed on at the appointed time with all of our information and tried to get on to get a living space, but they told her it was all full. She called the  housing office, and they said there were 6-person suites in JR available, but not in the apartments where we had wanted to live. So we had to scramble to find two more people. I called one girl I know who had to wait and then found out the singles were full so she's living with us, and I saw another friend in the Student Union who said she'd live with us, but I forgot to get her pin and stuff. So i had to run across campus to her room cause she wasn't picking up any of her phones and call my roomates with her information. They called housing back, who said we got it but had to confirm, and confirmed 20 minutes later.

An hour after that, they called my roomate back to tell her that the second girl I had found hadn't turned in any of her deposits or contracts, so as a result all SIX of us would loose the room unless we could find one more person in 15 minutes.

One of my roomates and I called every single person we knew, I looking through Facebook for numbers to see if anyone knew anyone who needed a room. Finally, with 5 minutes left, I called one of my friends who was an RA and said there was a girl in her hall who had had roomate problems and wanted a new room. So I called this girl up, told her the situation in a rush. She was hesitant, cause she wanted to live by herself in the apartments, but I told her they were all full, and if she would please say she was living with us we'd give her the other single, and she could switch with someone or move out later or something. So she gave her information to us. At 4:56, my roomate called the housing office back, but the lines were all busy, but the man she had been talking with called her back on her cell phone and we gave him the girl's information.

So we have a room, but with people who don't want to live with us, and in a place we don't want to live in.

I've never had a more stressful day in my life. I broke down shortly afterwards.
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I spent over an hour working on one of my drawings today (the next in my TMNT samurai series) and my computer does this thing where if it overheats, it just shuts itself down without any warning, and of course, IT DID, and I lost all my work. Of course, it could just be the cosmos' way of telling me to start over, because there were some aspects about the drawing I didn't like and could have done better, but still, I PUT ALOT OF WORK INTO THAT.
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I scratched one thing off my "Things to Do Before I Die" list, and that's jet ski! Holy crap, those things are not like the arcade rides they have at ESPN zone. I had 6 foot swells in some places and the wave runner would go shooting over them and land six feet with a smack. If I was a dude, my balls would have been hurtin. My arms were hurting from a death grip and the wave runner dropping at random intervals and me holding on. I tried standing at first but eventually moved to sitting, even though my board shorts road up. It was kinda scary, but LOADS of fun! It was only the tour guide and me, so it wasn't bad at all. Those things go fast, too. I also got a lot of salt water in my eyes. The tour guide told me that all the celebs stay in Canille Bay, and currently Michael J. Fox is on the island. I haven't seen him yet, though, hehe.

Also the other day we went on a 2 hour trip on a boat to a site for snorkiling. I saw some cool fish and sea urchins, but it wasn't that great a site, I thought. Later when we were on the open water, I DID see a sea turtle though, that was about 3 feet long. It just looked like a green mass, but it was still pretty damn cool.

Other than that, I'm just sunburned in a few places and have finished my Star Wars books (sooooooo good, why didn't my friends tell me about these earlier?!?!)

I <3 Wedge Antilles!!

Hope everyone has an awesome week!
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So, here's the deal down here in St. John's. The resort (there's only 3) has really shitty food an serivice for ASTRONOMICAL prices. I'm talkin like, 38 bucks for a shitty buffet, where all the meat entres were bones in stew and luke warm. And people take 25 minutes to get you a drink (we timed). But the beach and pool are nice. That's kinda all we did today. My dad went into town, but "town" is kinda like a 3rd world country with LOADS of tourists. I hate standing  around looking dumbfounded (something my mother seems to enjoy) cause I feel like a stupid-ass toruist. And I hate that. Tomorrow my dad's gonna try and set up a snorkiling appointment (my mom won't let me scuba, cause she's afraid I'll have a siezure even though I haven't had one for 6 years) and Ima try and set up a massage appointment.

I'm also almost done with my X-Wing Rogue Squadron book, and I LOVE IT! SG, that scene where the stealth Stormies attack the rebel base was FUCKIN AWESOME! Haha!

Anyways, hope everyone's doing well, sorry I can't really get around to people's sites. Also, anyone check out the lunar eclipse last night? Was pretty sweet!

Peace out, cub scouts!
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Hey, all! Greetings from St. John's in the USVIs, or U.S. Virgin Islands! I'm on St. John's, which is just a half hour boat ride away over 6 foot swells from St. Thomas. The weather's nice, but it's expected to rain a bit. I have no idea what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Perhaps get a massage...who knows? in any case, I'm using my mom's computer, and unfortunately, it's her work computer so I can't DL AIM or MSN onto it. But I miss everyone and hope everyone's doin okee day. SG, I'm 100 pages into Rogue Squadron, and it's very cool. I picture Tycho as Brad Pitt in my mind, lol. I also plan on taking lots of pictures, and I'll put them up when I get back to school. I DO want to while I'm here:

-Jet Ski
-Snorkle/scuba dive

I know you high school kids ain't off yet, but any college kids, happy spring break! Also, I'm in room number 1111, so of course when I saw the number plate, it imediately looked like the insignia of the hidden village of rain, or whoever the fuck those ninja are that all have umbrellas. I'll take a picture of that too, I suppose. Fare thee well, I'm off to explore the hotel! You can continue to look for updates here all week, or on my otaku page!
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I've been taking some fitness classes on Sunday entitled B.L.T "Buns, Legs, Thighs" and A.B.S. "Abs, back, stretch". Yesterda we had a sub who normally teaches the sports conditioning class and he had us do all these lunges with the body bar...In short, my buns are on fire.
I also figured out where in the student bookstore they keep the micron pen equivalents, so I picked me up one of those and use it frequently now. Not as good as a real micron pen, but it will suffice. The Raphael TMNT picture is on it's way, but it has to compete with a fanfic I'm working on, and I haven't updated the fanfic in a week, so that kinda has priority at the moment.
Happy Chinese New Year!
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So, I'm back at school, but I came back to find almost no food in my dorm! *cries* I also missed the Golden Globes, but I'm glad Sacha Boren Cohen one, that was some damn fine acting that guy did in Borat. I'm also pissed because the closest showing of Pan's Labyrinth is in NC. WTF? Hello? That's like the only movie I wanted to see this winter. Such crap.
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Got this from my pal Darke, and it looks fun. Plus I'm such a sucker for this kinda stuff. ^_^

what ya do IS:

get every last piece of music you have on your computer or mp3 player.
set the player to RANDOM PLAY
ask each of the following questions out loud whilst pressing the NEXT TRACK button. use the title of the track you get as your answer.

here are my results.

1:How does the world see you? "Viginte Tres" TOOL (Ooh, that's kinda a creepy thought.)

2. Will I have a happy life? "Reality" STAIND

3. What do my friends think of me? "Yubiwa (Movie Version)" MAAYA SAKAMOTO, Escaflowne OST

4. Do people secretly lust after me? "A Small Measure of Peace" HANS ZIMMER, Last Samurai OST

5. How can I make myself happy? "Ch-Check it Out" BEASTIE BOYS (That's what I'm talkin 'bout!)

6. What should I do with my life? "Chariot" GAVIN DEGRAW (I guess I should stare at maple leaves and be a tree hugger?)

7. Will I ever have children? "Black Society" KAJIURA YUKI, NOIR OST

8. What is some good advice for me? "Hazephyr Song" RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS

9. How will I be remembered? "Strange Love" GOO GOO DOLLS (Haha, that's funny.)

10. What's my signature dancing song? "Evenflow" PEARL JAM (that's correct, I would say ^_^)

11. What's my current themesong? "Trying" LIFEHOUSE

12. What do others think is my current themesong? "9PM (Till I Come)" ATB (Hahaha, too funny)

13. What shall they play at my funeral? "Lithium" EVANESCENCE (fitting goth rock for death.)

14. What type of men/women do I like? "Curbside Prophet" JASON MRAZ

15. How's my love life? "Dance of Curse II" YOKO KANNO, Escaflowne OST (You know, the "ESCA! FLOWNE!" one.)

16.My dreams are? "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rythm of the War Drums" A PERFECT CIRCLE (Uh.....different.)

17.-My death will be? "Attagirl" BETTIE SERVEERT

18.-This year will be? "Number One" HAZEL FERNANDEZ, Bleach OST (God, I hope so.)

19.- My mind is? "The Reasons" P.O.D.

20.- What is my destiny? "Caught in the Rain" REVIS

Interesting. Heh. Feel free to put up yours, I'm interested to see everyone's.
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Take a hike, Horatio Caine. CSI: NY is the best spinoff. Know why? Gary Sinese! As a producer and a long-time actor, guy knows his stuff. AND he can act, David Caruso! I just wanted to point out what a brilliant episode of CSI: NY was on last night. It had Greek mythos! For example, the killer put a t-shirt of a peacock on one victim who he had killed, drawn eyes all over his body, and then cut out his real eyes and drove rail road spikes through them into a tree. As Mac Taylor says, "This guy's not subtle." He also had it out for one of the CSIs, becuase poor Sheldon Hawkes was the ME back in a trial against the suspect's brother.

The best part? The guy escapes at the very end! I can't wait till they bring him back, because there's gonna be some SERIOUS drama.

It's definite, CSI: NY is the most violent and as Spike TV puts it "The ballsier, bloodier, CSI." At this point in time, I totally agree.

And I love it.
I haven't done one of these in a while, and I liked Kilter's, so here goes:

3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? When I had an infected toe in August before I got vicodin.
4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? I actually have 3 different ones I use depending on the ocasion, but yes, I do.
6. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? god, no!
7. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Most definently. However, if I was me trying to get along with myself, that wouldn't happen, because I'm a bit egotistcal at times. I'm just the kind of person that can't get along with others with my own personality.
8. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Yes, at the MySpace for anime nerds, aka MyOtaku.
9. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? only in rage.
11. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Depends on where it is and who's administering the instruction. I don't want to end up as street pizza.
12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Cocoa Puffs, but I'm also partial to corn Pops.
13. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? I pretty much never tie and untie my shoes, with the exception of soccer cletes.
16. SHOE SIZE? 9 1/2-10ish. It's hard to find any shoes outside of the US.
19. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My doggies.
20. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Actually, brown and brown. Huh. That's weird.
21. LAST THING YOU ATE? Pepporoni pizza and cheesecake.
23. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Red, most definently. And not like, orange red, or pink red, but BLOOD RED. Or fire red.
24. FAVORITE SMELL? Like Kilter, any kind of autumn smells, including apple, cinamon, pumpkin, crisp autumn days...
25. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? My mom. Who is also pretty much the only person I ever talk to on the phone.
26. THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE YOU MEET? Their hair, acne, voice, and smell.
27. FAVORITE DRINK? Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, Pumpskin Spice Latte, Caramel Apple Cide, Peppermint Mocha, Green Tea Frappacino.
28. FAVORITE SPORT? To play, soccer. To watch, football.
29. EYE COLOR? brown
30. HAT SIZE? uhhhhhhhh.........
31. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? Nope. 20/10 vision, baby. That's better than perfect.
32. FAVORITE FOOD? Japanese food.
33. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING? Happy ending, I spose. Unless it's a sappy chick flick.
35. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? Once again, brown, but it's got Sonic on it.
36. SUMMER OR WINTER? Winter! The smells, the holidays, the movies!
37. HUGS OR KISSES? Oh god, neither!
38. FAVORITE DESSERT? carrot cake.
39. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
40. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? This is going to sound silly but...tiger cubs on the moon.
43. WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? I can move both my eyebrows
44. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Princeton, NJ
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...spooning with New Hampshire since 1931. No, I'm serious, that's an actual t-shirt they have here.

So I didn't run into any bears on my camping trip last month, but this month I'm going on the same trip, so who knows. Different co-staff this time. Once who's alot better with kids, lol. There was some serious drama last month because the staff didn't give campers "Good Tripper Coups" which are essentially like girl scout badges. But anyways.
Just went to Hot Topic. Got me a Zelda shirt, a shirt that says "LAZY + SUNDAY = CRAZY DELICIOUS" and a Tool 10,000 Days t-shirt. Unfortunately, I had to get the tool one in Youth Large or 3-X large, so I chose youth large, and hope to loose some weight, lol. Anywhos, the camp second month is not as exuberent. The kids are weirder (and louder). I did dress up like a pirate though, and I bought a full-size pirate flah to make use of when I lifeguard. Pics on facebook when I get back to school in late august.
ALittleOffKilter, just wanted to say I have a Ben Browder poster hanging above my bed, because my friend sent me a Stargate magazine with it and I could read the summaries of the episodes. I'm soooooooooo excited. Teehee.
Also, my parents are coming next week with my new car, yippee! And my doggies. Anyways, I plan to outfit this car with an assortment of bumperstickers and CD visors. So watch out, CNU. Still gotta think of a name for it.
Anywhos, hope you all had a great July, and I look forward to seeing most of you in August again! Take care!
Hey, everyone! It's my first day off! Yippee! I am taking the time to write to you, to let you know everything's going well. The weather's pretty wacky in New England. It like rains every 15 minutes and then it's sunny again. Anywho, I'm teaching swimming, archery, soccer, basketball, track and field, and generally a whole smorgusboard of things. It's pretty funny. I have great campers in my cabin. They're all going into 6th grade and they're so cute! I might try to see Superman Returns today. We'll see. I also got Fables volumes 4 and 5 and the Venture Bros on DVD. They ROCK! July 13th I go on a canoe trip to updstate New York on a lake infamous for bears. Yippee! Hope you are all having a great summer, and I miss you loads!

First and foremost, Aurus, sorry for commenting on your journal 3 times. YOu can delete 2 of those. DA was acting up again.

Second of all, I was just letting everyone know I'm going to be gone till August 20th, when I get back to school. I'm going to summer camp. I'm going to be sketching and reading. Alot. I brought like, 12 books with me, including Wicked, Shogun, Harry Potter y El Prisioner de Azkaban (to practice my Spanish), a bunch of fantasy books, some ficitious book my mother gave me so I'd read something other than fantasy, and A Walk in the Woods. Should be fun. I have everything packed. Even my stuffed Kon, from Bleach. Also a Temari action figure. I couldn't find renji, I have no idea where he went, or I'd bring his sorry ass up to Vermont too. Especially after watching episode 82, where totally irrelevant bug filler characters whooped his ass, and did it without even shoing a fight scene. Somebody write me a letter when Bleach stopes being fillers. My camp address is on my Facebook account for those of you who have it. Which at the time, I believe is only my CNU friends and Aurus. Pfft.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great, great summer. Try not to let the bugs bite and the sun sting too bad. The one blanket I'm bringing smells like pepper, haha. Maybe cause I can't recall if I've ever washed it...I think I's been in a closet...but it's neon orange. Don't know why I told you that.

Also, I'll be missing new seasons of all the cable shows. Like Stargate. So maybe A Little Off Kilter can send me the transcripts from Gateworld to keep me up to date. Haha, jk. Can't wait to see you in August, pal.

Once again, have a great summer, a great Father's Day, a great 4th of July, a great...uh...flag day? Is that in summer? I have no idea. But make the most of it, everyone. Can't wait to talk to you again.

Tigress Out.
Well, Aurus basically got me thinkin "ah hell, i should upload all my scraps" and I fond an old sketchbook with lots, so they're there now if you care to take a gander. I'll also try to look at people's more often. Also...

ANYONE ELSE WATCH LOST?!?!?! HOW EFFIN CRAZY WAS THAT!?!?!?! Omg,  I basically called my mom and just cursed because it was so insane. "That was f*ckin crazy ma! Did you see that?!?! *Holy f*ck!" I was basically watching it with three other people and we all had the same reaciton.

Um, just letting you all know, I'm getting really into these iPod ad knockoffs. I decided to start a campaign to use them as our school's con posters for our next con (in March), so, expect to see alot more. If you like them, then yay for you, you'll see some anime character outlines ( just finished a Sailor Moon one that will probably be up later) and if not, well, too bad.  I know it's pretty cliche, but I just love these ads so much. They're clean, I don't have to draw facial proportions, and I love my colors BOLD. Just preparing you now, so everytime you see me online you're not surprised I jump on your ass and go "CHECK OUT MY 65TH IPOD AD!" Have a great weekend everyone, and a special "get well" and "hang in there" to my friend Aurus, who's not feeling particualary hot this week. But I still love her, because a)she's awesome even when she is sick and b)she's making my cosplay for next year so I have to be nice to here. ;) haha, jk, girl. That's it from here. For everyone in college, only a few more weeks in most of your semesters to go, and for everyone who's in HS or lower...haha, loosers. Stay classy everyone.